The Best Way To Remove Stretch Marks Effectively

Stretch marks are an unsightly blemish that can cause discomfort as well. The overall dryness of skin around stretch marked areas can cause itchiness and even burning sensations.

Stretch marks are usually a naturally occurring condition especially in people who have reached puberty or in pregnant women. Both situations have one thing in common and that is rapid growth. For some people stretch marks are inevitable. But also do have options and it’s up to them to choose the best way to remove stretch marks from their bodies.

Diet & Exercise

One way to get rid of stretch marks (and also an effective way of suppressing their development to begin with) is to follow the right diet and also to have an effective exercise routine. A good diet consists of one that is rich with essential fats. You will want to stay away from foods that are rich in fatty acids that seem to collect in various parts of your body like in your thighs or buttocks. What you want to eat are foods like fish and vegetables. Fruits that will help make your skin “glow” are also advisable such as citrus fruits.

When it comes to following an exercise routine, it is best to make sure that you do not exercise too much. This is especially important if you are a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding can speed up the process of muscle growth and if your dermis is not healthy enough, you might end up with stretch marks where those muscles grew.

Removal Creams & Lotions

Another way to remove stretch marks is to use special creams and lotions that have been made exactly for that purpose. You can find these products from various companies. This is a great way to get rid of stretch marks especially if you do not want to go through a surgical procedure that will set you back hundreds of dollars. They are available over the counter and there are even some prescription remedies that a dermatologist can offer to you depending on the extent of stretch marks that have occurred on your body. This is the best way to remove stretch marks if you do not want to risk surgery.

The Laser

Laser treatment is quickly becoming the most popular way to getting rid of stretch marks. Laser treatment sessions are not cheap but they are a lot cheaper than they use to be when first introduced.

This basically involves an expert who will run the laser over areas where you have stretch marks and the laser will literally burn away the stretch mark. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stretch marks because they are permanently removed.

There is also another way to get rid of stretch marks and that is through a surgical procedure known as dermabrasion. This involves skin being frozen for a time and then a special instrument is then used to smoothen the skin. It is quite complicated and may not be the best way to remove stretch marks especially since it is easier to go through laser treatment. However, it might be cheaper and it can only be done by a dermatologist surgeon.